Working with organizations closest to the refugee crisis is a critical component to what we do. In the world of grassroots humanitarian work, working together to identify and meet needs helps to ensure some of the world’s most vulnerable people are treated with dignity. Allied Aid and other organizations like us help to fill the gaps that are not met by larger organizations. Here are a few of our allies who are instrumental with both ongoing and one-off Allied Aid projects.

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

Ryunosuke Satoro.

Lavrio Camps I and II

Allied Aid supports a small group of NGO’s that provides systematic healthy nutrition to the residents of the Lavrio Camp near Athens.  Lavrio currently does not have on-site support, and relies on Allied Aid and its partners for regular food deliveries. With our volunteers in Greece, along with Hermie our trusty van, Allied Aid delivers fresh food to allow refugee families at Lavrio some sense of nourishment.  In camps like this, fresh food can be extremely hard to come by without the support of small organizations like Allied Aid.

Vial Camp on the island of Chios

What happens when families arrive on an island like Chios? They are often stuck in makeshift tents, in under-resourced camps, for an indefinite amount of time. On a daily basis, our volunteers and partners share images of the makeshift tents that families are forced to live in when they arrive. And over half of those impacted are children.  This is where Allied Aid steps in. For instance, in November of 2018, Allied Aid completed a project to fund additional tarps to add protection to the tents in Chios. It doesn’t sound like much, but something as simple as tarps can keep families dry at night during a cold and wet winter.


Allied Aid couldn’t be more excited to announce our latest partnership with Wood-Aid. Wool-Aid is an international community of crafters — knitters, crocheters and weavers — who are committed to creating warm wool clothing for children with limited access to resources.

Wool-Aid’s members are connected as an online community, and they focus on creating these specific clothing items in wool: sweaters, vests, hats, socks, mittens, and blankets for young children. They use wool because it is warm, and it stays warm even when wet.